Mobile application development

Based in London near Liverpool Street, Appergy is a specialist mobile web and app development company that helps organizations of all sizes with their mobile strategy.  We have a strong footprint in the membership and associations sector.

Above: An app can provide a slicker and more intuitive user experience. 

Appergy offers consultancy related to iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone app development as well as responsive web design, an approach to web design that will ensure your website is 'mobile ready'. 

Check out our project portfolio showing the projects that we and our sister company YARG have been working on recently.  

Can you really afford to ignore 10-15% of your market?

Mobile traffic as a percentage of all Internet traffic has been increasing for a number of years. It now stands at approximately 15% as of May 2013, with the upward trajectory likely to increase at 150% per year or more! 

B2B companies are seeing around 10 to 15% of their website traffic coming from mobile devices.  Every business knows that they need to be doing something about it, but most are confused about exactly what.

Continuing to ignore a growing share of your market will however be detrimental to your business. 

App or a responsive website? The choices explained

We can advise on whether your needs are best suited to a mobile or "responsive website" or an app for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone devices.  

Let us explain the difference between these two approaches. An app will typically be developed in native code for a specific phone platform (e.g. Android or iOS) and will only run on that platform. Drawing the phone's processing power and native capabilities, an app tends to provide a faster, slicker and more elegant user experience than a mobile website.

Developed in the right way, apps will also be functional when not connected to the web. Apps are perfect when your users need to do something quickly or search for something specific. 

In contrast, a mobile or responsive website will display on all screen sizes on all internet enabled devices.  A responsive website is developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the standard tools of the web. This is a great solution as you only need to update and maintain one website. However, if your users are likely to be without a web connection some of the time and may need to use the app to view rich information or search through many records, an app may be better suited to your needs.  

We offer an all-in-one mobile solution 

We can offer a great value “all-in-one” solution that provides you with not only a responsive website, but also an app that can update via the cloud.  We take pride in our work and your solution will be beautifully designed and carefully developed.

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We have also developed a mobile solution for membership organizations that allows them to publish their content to smartphones. Watch the video below to find out more.