Responsive web design

London developers Appergy can help you with responsive web design. Although a fairly new approach to web design, our view is that responsive design will become the way to design websites in the next few years. 

Screen sizes are getting smaller, but also larger!  It is not practical to design a website for so many different screen sizes, not to mention browser types. An iPhone has a 320 pixel wide screen, whereas a MAC has a screen width of 1920 pixels!  Below is the responsive website we designed for our customer, Top 20 international association of accounting firms INPACT


How a responsive website will resize automatically to fit screen sizes such as those shown. 

Responsive web design utilises standards compliant HTML, cascading style sheets and JavaScript to ensure a website responds to the screen size it is being viewed on. 

The responsive web designs we offer are fluid and will resize according to the width of the browser being used to ensure the best possible user experience. 

Responsive web design is a straightforward, tried and tested way for companies to tackle the challenge presented by the mobile web.

A simple, smart solution 

Instead of having to update a desktop website, a tablet website and a smartphone website, you will only have to update one web property if it uses responsive design.

Appergy can build you a great website that is responsive and that uses the highly acclaimed, open source (free) Microsoft .NET based content management system Umbraco. 

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