Our customers

"Appergy's apps have allowed our members all over the world to communicate with one another while on the move."
Jon Lisby, Chief Executive Officer, Kreston International

Appergy mobile solutions are used by companies across different sectors. Working with our sister company YARG, we have developed apps and responsive websites that market and sell tins of paint, help members find a lawyer in different countries, help shoppers find their nearest store, assist planners with checking the permitted use for a building, and even show using videos how to shuck an oyster! 

Our apps can update dynamically via the web, use location services for search, use payment systems to bring in revenues, or integrate social media to drive brand awareness. 

Although not all of our solutions are published under the Appergy brand, with some being available under the YARG brand, a selection of our apps can be viewed below. To view apps developed by YARG, please click here

Kreston International 

Kreston International directory app for iPhone Android BlackBerryKreston International Limited is the 12th largest global network of independent accounting firms, with some 700 offices in 94 countries providing a resource of over 19,500 professional and support staff. 

Kreston's app allows members to search for colleagues who can help their clients according to their specific accounting, audit and tax skills and their geographic location. Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones. 

MSI Global Alliance 

MSI Global Alliance iPhone directory app available on Android and BlackberryMSI Global Alliance is a Top 10 association of independent law and accounting firms, with over 250 member firms in 105 countries worldwide.  

The organizations's app (Advisors2Go) provides a searchable directory of both lawyers and accountants, and showcases the organisation's video content. Available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones. 



MultilawMultilaw is one of the world's 'Big Seven' networks of independent law firms.

Founded in 1990, Multilaw has 75 carefully chosen quality member firms with 7,200 lawyers across 65 countries. 

The global network's app connects directly to the association's web database and then updates dynamically via the cloud to make available to their membership the very latest information on all member lawyers. Whether an IP lawyer or a litigator  is needed, in Argentina or Azerbaijan, this app is bringing Multilaw's lawyers closer together! 

Available on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones. 


RSMRSM is one of the world's largest international networks of independent accounting firms with over 700 offices in 94 countries. 

The app connects directly to RSM's web/CRM to push the latest information via the cloud to their members' smartphones. Searching for an accountant or tax advisor around the world requires just a few clicks. Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. 

INPACT International 

INPACTINPACT International is a London based Top 20 international accounting alliance with over 160 members in some 70 countries worldwide.

We developed a responsive, mobile friendly Umbraco driven website for INPACT that is reinvigorating their brand and increasing the number of visitors that come to the site.

Within just 3 days, INPACT's site was dominating Google for specific accounting related keywords! 




Cruising Association

Cruising_AssociationThe Cruising Association is Britain's leading organisation for cruising sailors.   

This iPhone and Android application gives Cruising Association members access to the CA’s huge database of cruising reports and allows them to share information, experiences and opinions on destinations they reach in their boats. To use it you must be a Cruising Association member with a MyCA account.

Developed by sister company YARG Ltd. 



Shellfish Association of Great Britain

Shellfish _Association _LogoThe Shellfish Association or "SAGB" is the trade association for the UK shellfish industry. 

Developed for iPhone, the app provides an innovative guide to oyster tasting and includes video content. 

Developed by sister company YARG Ltd.


Indigo Planning

Indigo_PlanningIndigo Planning is an independent consultancy that specialises in securing planning consents for a wide range of development projects across the UK.

If you need to find out which use class applies to e.g. a pub, you can use this clever utility app for iPhone and BlackBerry to find out not only the use class but also any permitted changes to the building use.

Developed by sister company YARG Ltd.