Is an existing BlackBerry app compatible with BlackBerry 10?

Despite the promising reviews of the new BlackBerry 10 devices, the bad news is that apps developed for BlackBerry devices running operating system versions upto version 7 will not work on the new BlackBerry 10 devices. BlackBerry is not providing support for apps developed for these older operating systems. 


BlackBerry 10 is a completely new platform. The key difference is that apps developed for BlackBerry OS versions upto version 7 will probably have been developed in Java.

However, for BlackBerry 10, developers only have the option to develop in either C/C++ (Cascades) or using WebWorks.

This means that companies that have an exisiting BlackBerry app will need to have two versions of their apps. One for older BlackBerry OS versions e.g. versions 5-7, and another for phones running the new BlackBerry OS10.

Sorry folks, it's probably not the news you were looking for, but thankfully with experience in developing for BlackBerry 10, Appergy can help to port your apps over to the new BlackBerry. 

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