How will your app display on iPhone 5?

Launched back in September 2012, the iPhone 5 has a larger screen. As you can see below, the device is taller and measures 640 pixels wide by 1136 pixels tall (the aspect ratio has changed from 4:3 to 16:9).

The different screen size of the larger iPhone 5

This change in screen real estate means that every app designed for earlier iPhone devices will need to be updated to take advantage of the extra screen space. 

How will an older app display on an iPhone 5?

if you've been lucky enough to get your hands on the new iPhone, you'll be aware that while the app will function in the same way, it does display with black borders at the top and bottom in portrait mode and with black borders to left and right in landscape mode.

So nothing too much to worry about (unlike the app compatibility issues with the new BlackBerry 10!).

We would like to reassure our law firm and accountancy firm customers that we are on hand to ensure their apps are iPhone 5 compatible. Contact us for more information about iPhone and iPad app development.  


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