Top 20 UK law firms - mobile strategy still patchy

top 20 uk law firms mobile strategy

After spending a good hour viewing the websites of the UK's Top 20 law firms and looking through the App Store, it appears that mobile strategy among the legal elite is still fairly patchy.

Of the top legal firms, only 11 of them (or 55%) have either an iPhone or iPad app or a website that can be viewed on a smaller screen phone or tablet. With traffic from mobile devices increasing at some 150% per year, this is surprising to say the least, particularly among those firms that want to reach and present themselves favourably to clients in emerging techology areas who may be using smaller screen devices throughout the day. 

The use of a mobile or responsive website is slightly more prevalent than use of an app, with eight of the Top 20 having a website that displays on a smaller screen. In the case of the rest, it's an unenjoyable experience for clients who may be trying to view their websites on a small screen, with a lot of pan and zoom involved in trying to find what they are looking for, if they even bother to stay on the website at all!  

Only six of the Top 20 have an app in the App Store, but all of these firms are in Top 10. Some firms are using apps creatively to promote their practice expertise or firm events, connect staff who may be dispersed across global offices or provide legal guides and glossaries. 

We suspect that a review of UK law firms from 21-50 will reveal even less evidence of a mobile strategy, but there are certainly innovative mid tier firms outside the Top 100 that are integrating mobile into their marketing strategy to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and provide useful tools for staff and clients on the move. A review of the US's Top 20 should also provide a useful comparison - more to follow! 

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