Top 50 UK law firms - not making it easy for the mobile visitor

top 20 uk law firms mobile strategy

A review of the Apple App Store shows that only 10 of the UK's Top 50 law firms have an app.

Furthermore, only 12 of the Top 50 firms have a mobile optimised website.

Overall, only 19 firms in the Top 50 (or 38%) have any kind of mobile strategy, whether an app or a mobile optimised website. 

With the Top 50 firms usually being the frontrunners when it comes to marketing and innovation, evidence of mobile strategy is likely to be even more threadbare among the lower tiers of the law firm market, though we hope to be proven wrong! 

With traffic from mobile browsers growing at 150%+ per year, law firms seem reluctant to provide the average 10-15% of their website visitors who will be viewing from a mobile device, with a good browsing experience.  

 Uk _top _law _firms _mobile _strategy

Above: How does your website look on a smaller screen? The website on the right offers a far better experience and visitors will stay longer and are more likely to engage and convert. 

When it comes to mobile strategy, law firms have a choice - they can opt for a mobile app or they can go for a responsive 'mobile friendly' website. In our opinion, both options have their merits and they can be used together for different but complementary purposes. 

There are interesting examples of mobile application use among the Top 50, with apps ranging from guides to divorce law and information on driving offences and the appropriate penalties. A small number of firms are using apps innovatively as a way of getting closer to their clients by providing customised legal updates and information on their offices, fee earners and events. 

A review of the Top 100 law firms' use of mobile technology will follow next week, and a comparison with the Top 100 accounting firms should also provide useful insights into whether the law firm sector is ahead or behind the curve, at least relatively speaking! 

Mobile is here now, and in our view it will only get bigger and bigger in the years ahead. Talk to London based mobile experts Appergy if you are thinking about mobile, but are not sure what to do next. Putting in place a mobile strategy doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. 

To do nothing is not a viable option - to stand still is to go backwards in a fast moving, competitive legal sector. 

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