2012 smartphone market share shows Android and Apple out on their own

According to a report from data analysis experts Strategy Analytics, 700 million smartphones were sold in 2012.

Of these phones, 68.4% run Android and 19.4% run iOS, Apple's operating system for iPhone and iPad. 

Certainly by volume, Android is way ahead of the other players. In total, Android and iOS account for 92% of all smartphones shipped in Q4 of 2012. 

In a nutshell, your app strategy needs to target users of at least Android and Apple smartphones.  BlackBerry and Windows Phone have their followers, but unless they make gains in 2013, they risk falling into the category of 'Other'. 

It is slightly more problematic to develop for Android due to the fragmentation of the Android operating system - there are versions of Android out in the wild ranging from version 2 (or even earlier) up to version 4, as well as numerous handset types with varying hardware specifications and screen sizes. Your app will need to be tested on most or even all of these different versions of Android. 

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