Apple Developer and D&B D-U-N-S number signup in less than a day – Perhaps we were just lucky?

As of late 2012, Apple have changed the rules on how enrol in the Apple Developer Program for companies. For a long time now, you have needed a D&B D-U-N-S Number for the Enterprise Developer Program, but now you also need one for the standard Apple Developer Program for Companies.

So what is a D&B D-U-N-S number?

A D-U-N-S number stands for ‘Data Universal Numbering System’ and is a unique 9 digit ID that is assigned to a company. D&B, the company behind the D-U-N-S number, have long been in the business of credit reports and we think the reason why Apple are asking for a D-U-N-S number is that it takes that check away from their Developer Approval Program and the process is passed to a third party, D&B, who specialise in such checks. 

So what’s the big deal?

One of our new international accounting network clients for whom we are building an app, had already signed up via the basic, non-payment, part of the approval process, which just takes a few minutes.  They then asked us about the D-U-N-S number and we were horrified to find out about the issues other developers and their clients where having with trying to get a D-U-N-S number and how long the approval process could take from the initial sign up with Apple, application to D&B for a D-U-N-S number and then final approval and payment to Apple! In some cases people where incorrectly charged to handle the D-U-N-S number application (caveat: we have only read this on other sites!) and the whole process could take at least 14 business days just for D&B approval, and possibly a lot longer. 

We did it in a day

After a lot of reading about the misfortunes and time wasted during the approval process, we were fortunate enough to stumble across a few hints and tips and managed to start and complete the approval process in less than a day.  Note, the client had already registered with the basic, non-payment part of the process a couple of months previously and already had their Apple ID.  This only takes a few minutes!  

These were the steps followed: 

Step 1 - Signed up to Apple and get the developer ID 

Step 2 - D-U-N-S

Log onto and you will get to a page called D-U-N-S Number Lookup. From here there are a series of questions regarding your business, its name as a legal entity, where it is based and questions asking for confirmation that the person filling out the online form is legally entitled to do so. It is all very straight forward. Once it is complete, Apple then needs to authenticate the information (this did not take long, a few hours), after which the D-U-N-S number is sent through to the original email you gave when registering with Apple. 

Step 3 – Enrollment Response

The client then received an email from Apple similar to:

Your Apple Developer Program Enrollment Request’

 Thank you for your interest. We are now reviewing your enrollment request. 

Step 4 – Apple Contact

Apple contacted the client via phone to confirm the contact details (in less than an hour!)

Thank You for Joining an Apple Developer Program 

Step 5 - Confirmation and Apple Payment

The client then received confirmation from Apple and paid the $99 fee.  

Step 6 - The approval process had been completed. 


If you ever decide that you want an iOS app developed, we always recommend to customers that they start the application to the iOS Developer Program as soon as they can. You do not need a D&B DUNS number if you are an individual; you only need it if you are a company or an organization.


Useful inks

Apple Developer Program 

For more information: 

UK D&B site 

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